Friday, 29 November 2013


There is a space in God.
The Unknown and Unknowable leaves room
for my communion with Him. 
There is a space in God:
I am permitted to come in.
I nestle in the space,
And feel the enclosing warmth of mother love. 
I fill, and I am filled.
In the womb of God, I am secure:
I grow, I develop, I expand.

 There is an ever-open space in God.
I may crawl in, and curl up, shelter there.
Bathed in the water of life,
I feel the soaking up of brokenness and sin,
The absorbing of the wounding pain.
The open space enlarges as I stretch,
And gives me space to stretch some more.
I sense the touch of Love.
Love's fingers gently stroke my mind.

 I could lose myself in the many-folded depths of this space,
And stay submerged,
Self-indulgently sinking deeper into ecstasy.
I could contemplate,
And drift,
And rest here - no demands, no battles to be won. 
I dream, and fold my hands into a prayer.
But the cold light of the Daystar calls me into being.
First dawn of icy chill, and shrinking flesh
Wake and thrust me out,
And lead me to the way I am to walk. 
I find the space in God is freedom to become,
And to accept the one I am.
B. I. Hartless.

Written after reading Grace Jantzen's book Julian of Norwich

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