Monday, 21 December 2015

Jesus, Son of God, Son of Mary

Come, see the infant, born in a stable,
Child of promise, child of peace;
Here lies Messiah, King of the ages,
In his mother's arms asleep.
Word eternal, Lord of glory,
Leapt from heaven's royal throne.
To the silent, waiting world
He came, in darkness, to his own.

Here lies the baby, straw his pillow,
Cobwebs draped around his bed;
Frail and helpless, needing his mother
Still to help him lift his head.
He who left bright heaven's splendour,
Clouds his chariot, stars his crown,
Comes to us, his broken people,
Laying all his glory down.

Welcome Jesus, Lord and Saviour,
Son of heaven and child of earth,
Come to bring the hope of freedom
From a dark eternal death.
Love in person, Truth for ever,
Gift of God to endless days,
All we are we bring to offer
In our sacrifice of praise.    

B. I. Hartless

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